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Jersey Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) welcomes feedback and details of your experience as a Service User to fulfil its objectives of continuous improvement within local Maternity Services.

It is important that you understand how your data will be used and processed. Information gathered by the MVP will be shared with Maternity, partner agencies and any other party deemed relevant (for example, Government Ministers).
All data is provided anonymously, unless a Service User gives specific consent for their personal details to be recorded (for example, if they would like to be involved in specific working groups).
Where information relating to a maternity experience may contain identifying details, these will be anonymised as much as possible, unless you give specific consent for these details to be published.
Your data will not be passed onto any third parties nor used in any way that is not specified within our Privacy Policy (available on our website or you may ask for a copy from your Service User Representative).
All Service User Representatives within the MVP are bound by strict rules of confidentiality and we abide by all relevant Data Protection laws.
There may be occasions where we need to share information outside the forum of the MVP as follows-
– Any information relating to a clinical safety or quality issue within Maternity Services
– Any information relating to the safety and wellbeing of a Service User or others
In these circumstances we will refer to the relevant authority. We will always seek your consent to do so, but please note that in extreme circumstances we may need to make disclosures even if you do not give consent.

By providing information about your maternity experience to the Jersey Maternity Voices Partnership, you CONSENT to that information being recorded, stored, used and shared by the MVP as detailed

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